Thursday, April 09, 2009


OK - short version - I don't have cancer!!!!

Longer version - so, went to the hospital, Dunc my lovely yummy hubby came with me for support. We got there early - as is often my wish, not much reading material in the waiting area, a golf magazine, 2 French apartment magazines AND a magazine just about parrots!!!!! Well it made me smile!!!

Eventually went in, think the doc and his nurse were concerned to see Dunc there too - I explained he was there cos I had been so freaked out. The Doctor was lovely, asked me to go through the story so far, and explained he was a mouth and throat cancer specialist. After my long story - he lay me back on the chair - a lot like the dentist chair - and really had a good root around. He was pulling my tongue one way and poking down my throat the other side - I'm very surprised I didn't puke, nearly got him!!!!

And he sat me up and said 'well I can tell you right now, there is nothing cancerous down there, you do not have cancer, you will live to see another day' - I nearly burst into tears with relief at that point, but held it in.

He is still not sure what it is but thinks maybe it's just something from the viral infection I had 5 weeks ago that is just going to take a while to clear up, sadly no medication will help it. If it's not better in 4 weeks I have to go back and have the camera down the throat thing.

But... whatever happens now is OK, I do not have the dreaded 'C' word and was able to walk out smiling - burst into tears straight away but happy tears!!!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

PANIC - I'm only human

OK, so this time tomorrow, hopefully, I should be done at the hospital. I'm quite sure I'll be none the wiser and have to return for tests as the letter from the hospital said this appointment is a consultation appointment only!!!! I know I should not panic, and everything is gonna be fine BUT can' help freaking out too.

I am very thankful for all the friends I have who have sent me texts, facebook messages, cards etc - makes me feel very blessed.

Sooooo... we'll see how it goes tomorrow.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Not so good news

OK, where do I start - this could be a long one

So, I 've been having throat problems for about a month now, it started with an infection, which the doctors sorted but I went back last week, as she'd suggested, and my throat at the back left was still painful. She had a look down and thought it might be a lesion (???). She took a swab - at which point I nearly puked all over her - to test for any more infections. she told me to come back back in a week, she wanted this sorted. I asked her 'could this be something serious, should I be worried?' at which point her head and shoulders dropped, she had a pitiful look on her face and said 'lets just see what happens next week' - not quite the answer I was looking for, but I know that have to cover their backs.

So I went back this Wednesday, she had another look, and not it wasn't any better. She looked at a form in a folder and said 'well you do tick all the boxes on this form' and then proceeded to put the form on the desk - I stupidly glanced at it to read 'URGENT REFERRAL - HEAD AND THROAT CANCER'. She saw me looking and after I'd said 'OH MY GOD!!' rather shocked she said she didn't want to panic, but knew I would. She really doesn't know what's wrong with my throat but by eliminating cancer they can work down from there. By the end of the day the hospital had already called and I have an appointment next Thursday morning to see the throat and mouth specialist.

So - your doctor says try not to panic, but you've just seen the word - in bold and capitals - CANCER!!!!! I am trying to keep calm, especially round Daisi and Max, but every know and then I walk off and have an ickle weep - I'm quite sure the doc is right and it's just something else, but there's always that doubt in your mind. I do keep trying to think that even if it is the C word, they will have caught it quick and can sort it out - I've even worked out what colour wig I'd want if it came to that!!!!

So there you have it - not great and then 7 days of panic!!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Manic Mondays - not really

OK, so I had the blood test and then ate a nice big breakfast of weightwatchers bagels and coffee.

Nothing of any great excitement yesterday - bit of a pain, put some laundry out, was busy in the house and hadn't noticed the torrential rain, the laundry is still outside and probably still wet - yuk!!!

Daisi had tea at a friends so that means a nice lazy afternoon with Max.

Nice surprise in the evening, Dunc came home - he was supposed to be in Bath overnight - always nicer to have him home.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Tired Bunny

I have a glucose test this morning - I have been having throat infections for a month now and they think it might be connected with Diabetes (my dad has this I had gestational diabetes with Max). So I have the test this morning and doctors appointment on Wednesday.

For the test I have to fast for 12 hours, so from 9 last night I could not have food or drink. Normally fairly easy - but with a very sore throat and cough, it was a killer last night, I just wanted a throat sweet or drink of water, so I came down to sit on the sofa at about 3am, think I did doze off at 4!!!!!!

I'll sleep well tonight

Sunday, March 22, 2009


I decided that I've really missed this little outlet - a place for me to jsut chatter away to whoever cares to read!!!!!!

I haven't blogged for over a year - TUT TUT TUT

In that time, short version...

Holidays to Florida and Spain
Dunc got a new job
I got a VW Beetle
Max started nursery
I turned 35 (!?!?!?!?)
Another Christmas
etc etc

Sad times for family members last October
Happy times for brother-in-law Chris who got engaged

So this year ... few weddings, perhaps a holiday

Max starts BIG school in September, I'm sure you'll hear a heck of a lot about that soon

And in May Daisi will be enrolled as a Junior Solider (an SA thing)

So that's the short version - bet you're glad I didn't give the long version!!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Evie Rose Kinsley

I am an Auntie again!!!! My brother Lloyd and his wife Becks moved to Florida last year. Becky gave birth to a beautiful little girl on Saturday weighing 8lbs 7oz. Look here if you want to share in our joy. Becks and Evie are now home for hospital and I just thank God even more for webcams and Skype - as I was able to see her and Becks last night. It's only 94 days till we visit - wish it was tomorrow!!! But my mum is going out in 3 weeks so that's the next best thing.

Other than that, not much - had a fab night out with the toddler mum's last night - we went to Ask in Reigate - I forgot the weightwatchers for a night - and we had, as always, a good giggle!!!

I really love the fact that I have 'girl' friends from all areas of my life - its fab.